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Book Reviews
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Curious George
by Margaret Rey

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Curious George and the man with the yellow hat. They go to the chocolate factory. The chocolates start falling off the belt. George starts eating his favorites. He puts the rest into the boxes.

A Train Ride to Grandma’s
by Stacy Shortle and Dean Mooney

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Noah always goes to Grandma’s house on the same train, but this time that train is canceled. He has to take a new train so this means new adventures.

How I Met My Monster
by Amanda Noll

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It was crazy and fun at the same time.

Boom Chicka Rock
by John Archambault

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The book was about one little mouse to 12 mice. and when the last mouse came in it was 12 o’clock. One of the mice woke the cat up. The cat chased after all the mice.

Pirate Pat
by Mairi Mackinnon

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I liked this book because of the illustrations. Pirate Pat is a funny character. You should read to find out if he finds treasure.

Caps For Sale
by Esphyr Slobodkina

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A man had caps for sell. He went to rest and sat under a tree. There were monkeys in the tree and they took his caps.

The Tree In Me
by Corinna Luyken

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This is a really cute book for readers and non-readers. It compares a tree to everyone. As we were reading, my beginning reader recognized many of the words. This is a must read.

The Foolish Tortoise
by Eric Carle

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I love this book!

Usborne That’s not my…Taller and Shorter
by Fiona Watt

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The giraffe was the tallest of all.

Ninja on the Job
by Luke Flowers

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Moby Shinobi is his name. He helped some builders. He couldn't do it. But then he rescued some corn from the cows.