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Psst I Love You
by Marjorie Blain Parker

Animals make sounds but they are saying I love you to one another. Just like people, family's tell each other I Love You.

Apes Great Escape
by Russell Punter & David Semple

No matter how much you plan for something, its still may not work out right. You should not be in jail in the first place.

by Leo Statts

This tells all about mosquitoes and how many different ones there are. Female is the only one that bites and drinks blood

Tiger Family Trip
by Becky Friedman

A family trip can be fun, its great to be with family. You can see many different places and so so many different things.

Black Widows
by Jil Keppeler

This tell all about black widow spiders. How they look, what the eat and they are afraid of you as you are of them. They do have venom, 15 times more than a rattlesnake.

My Wobbly Tooth Must Not Ever Fall Out
by Lauren Child

Sometimes you don't want something to happen to change what your use too. When you find out you may be rewarded you don't mind the change at all

There Is A Bird On Your Head
by Mo Willems

Sometimes you have something happen you don't want to happen. If you ask for change you will probably get it.

Waiting Is Not Easy
by Mo Willems

It is so very hard to wait when someone says they want to show you a surprise, you find its worth the wait in the end.

Lily's Cat Mask
by Julie Fotenberry

Sometimes dads know best and say yes to their children. A mask can be fun, it can help you hide and be still.

A Spring of parsley
by Patricia Karwatowicz

Sweet story of love for God and faith that it is never to late with God. If you believe in something never give up
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