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The Four Winds
by Kristen Hannah

This is a beautifully written novel set during the Great Depression. I grew up in California with my grandfather referring to himself as an "Okie," always assuming it was just because that's where he was born. This novel explains where that term came from and why my grandfather had such pride when he said it. The main character moves from Texas to California with her children to find relief from the crushing blows of drought, dust, and poverty, only to find a different flavor of poverty seasoned by exclusion, greed, and desperation. Folded within this historical fiction is a gentle love story of mother and daughter.

The big aqua book of beginner books
by Dr Seuss Books

This big book had six books in it. I love Dr. Seuss's books. One book was about a wocket in his pocket. The other book was about learning new tricks. Another book made me twist my tongue! But it was funny! There was another book about hands! The last book was about remembering October.

This Beach Is Loud
by Samantha Cotterill

This book was very easy to read. It was about a boy going to the beach. We went to the beach a month ago and I was excited like the boy was. The boy noticed the beach was loud! Our beach was not loud but did have several people on it.

by Sue kassirer

This book was about princesses and finding love. There were fancy invitations that her friends sent out. The stepsister and stepmother were very ugly to Cinderella. Her fairy godmother made her beautiful until midnight when the powers wore off. But the guy still loved her.

How Not To Start Third Grade
by Cathy hapka

I am going to third grade and my brother is going to pre k similar to the book. This book was about learning what not to think before starting a new grade.

Boo! A ghost story that could be true
by Tony Johnston

This book was about a farmer who thought a ghost story was true. He heard a boo! He thought the ghost was real. At the end of the story, the farmer's cow came to the door and he let the cow into the house.

Mr. Happy
by Roger Hargreaves

I love Mr. Happy! Always happy!

Ruthie And The Not So Teeny Tiny Lie
by Laura Rankin Books

I liked that Ruthie learned her lesson about lying. You shouldn’t lie, big or small.

Dream More Dolly Parton
by Dolly Parton

Dream More, Learn More, Care More and Be More. Put wings on your Dream. Celebrate the dreamer in you. Great book.

Letters To America Willie Nelson
by Willie Nelson

Great book except for the use of God's name in vain. Loved all the different letters to Santa, his kids, President Carter, even Mother Earth, and many more.
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