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Book Reviews
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Apes Great Escape
by Russell Punter & David Semple

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No matter how much you plan for something, its still may not work out right. You should not be in jail in the first place.

Fry Bread By Kevin Noble Maillard
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My Brenda makes fry bread. It is so good. I like this book.

The Berenstain Bears And The Easter Story
by Jan and Mike Berenstain

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A good book to remind us that Easter is about Jesus and not just eggs, the bunny, and candy. I liked this book.

Junie B., First Grader Jungle Bells, Batman Smells!
by Barbara Park

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I like this book. Even if you don't like someone you should be nice. Junie B. gave May something she really liked to be nice.

I Am Abraham Lincoln
by Brad Meltzer

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Loved the illustrations! Awesome story and moral for kids of all ages. My son's favorite part when it talked about him being on the Penny. He wants to be on a coin one day too!

The Undefeated
by Kwame Alexander

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This book should be added to the must read in schools. This book teaches African American history. This book is actually a poem to inspire and encourage. It features well-known African American figures such as Martin Luther King, Jr and Malcolm X. Please take the time to read.

Time Shifters
by Chris Grine

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I read Time Shifters. Kids 6-16 would the book. It is a graphic novel about a kid who can travel in time using his watch. When he got back home he saw that he traveled back to before he left. His friends are a scientist, a ghost, and a robot.The villains are a skeleton, a mummy, and a vampire.

The Girl Who Loves Wild Horses
by Paul Goble

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This is a girl book but I love it. I love horses. She is an Indian girl and she really loves her horses.

The Rainbow Fish
by Marcus Pfister Books

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Being unkind to others to make yourself good is not nice. Rainbow fish learned to share and make friends. Then he was happy.

David Goes To School
by David Shannon

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David is always getting into trouble. I would get a paddling if I did that stuff at school. He is funny!

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