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Book Reviews
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Churchill's Tail of Tales
by Anca Sandu

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It was really hard for me to see the pictures. It was not funny. I like funny stories. The friends were nice and forgive him.

Wayside School Beneath The Cloud Of Doom
by Louis Sachar

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This book is so funny I would tell everybody to read this book. I love every single character. My favorite part was when Stephen rang the gong perfectly.

Shoeshine Girl By Clyde Robert Bulla
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Ten-and-a-half-year-old Sarah Ida is angry about spending the summer at Aunt Claudia's. She has been sent away because her parents can't cope with her. Not only that, her best friend has been caught stealing for kicks. Money in her pocket is Sarahs Ida's symbol of independence. When Aunt Cladia says no allowance, Sarah Ida determined to get even and find a job. The shoeshine stand is the only place that will hire a ten-year-old girl. To Sarah Ida suprise Aunt Cladia doesn't object. And that is only the first of many suprises the summer holds for her.

When A Dragon Moves In
by Jodi Moore

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Dragons are make believe. But, I love to playin the sand and make sand castles at the beach. Maybe a dragon will move in my next sand castle.

Froggy Goes To Camp
by Jonathan London

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This book is funny. Froggy goes to camp and he does alot of stuff. He does all kinds of funny stuff.

Make Way For Ducklings
by Robert Mccloskey

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What a cute little book! Mr. and Mrs. Mallard go all over Boston with their children. This is definitely good for young readers. Come read about their journey.

Pete The Cat I Love My White Shoes
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A cute book for all readers. Pete the cat gets a new pair of white shoes. Enjoy the adventure of his white shoes changing colors as he goes for a walk.

It's Not Easy Being A Lazy Bug
by Pragya Tomar and Ramona MacLean

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This is book for all readers. The book teaches children that being lazy has its downsides. Being independent is more important than being lazy. The kids loved reading this book.

President Taft Is Stuck In The Bath
by Mac Barnett

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This book is funny. The President is stuck in the bath. It takes everyone to get him out.

Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See
by Eric Carle and Bill Martin

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I liked the guy reading the book. I saw kids, a white dog, a gold fish, and a brown bear. All my friends should read this book.

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