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Book Reviews
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There Was An Old Lady Books
by Lucille Colandro

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It is a book about an astronaut. It is a funny book because the old lady eats everything. I would read it again.

Who Is Abraham Lincoln
by Janet B. Pascal

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This book has a wealth of information about the life of Abraham Lincoln and the events that took place during his presidency. I would recommend this book to anyone but especially people who like history. Overall, I think it is a great book and people should read it to figure out and learn more about Abraham Lincoln.

Don T Blink By Amy Krouse Rosenthal
by David Roberts

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At the end, it tells you to close your eyes and go to sleep. It was a fun book.

Catstronauts Robot Rescue
by Drew Brockington

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It's about Catstrobot. He went on a mission and got the thing that he needed. But he was stuck there. They were not allowed to go save him. They snuck away and got the thing to complete the mission. They were not able to save Catstrobot.

Horton Hatches The Egg
by Dr Seuss Board Book

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I love the elephant birds!

Leo The Late Bloomer
by Robert Kraus Books

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I liked Leo. He was a late bloomer because he was younger that all his friends. He struggled to do the same things they did but in the end he was able to do them.

Junie B Jones First Grader At Last
by Barbara Park

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Junie B Jones goes to 1st grade. Rules change and she is in a new room. She got a new lunch box. Her new teacher is teaching her how to behave in 1 grade.

Spend it!
by Cinders Mcleod

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I liked that we both want bouncy castles. I like that the bunny wanted to buy everything. He only bought a pogo stick.

Moby Shinobi Books
by Luke Flowers

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Moby Shinobi is his name. He tries to help at a pizza place. He gets into trouble but helps them in the end.

Curious George
by Margaret Rey

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Curious George and the man with the yellow hat. They go to the chocolate factory. The chocolates start falling off the belt. George starts eating his favorites. He puts the rest into the boxes.