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Book Reviews
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The Never Girls
by Kiki Thorpe

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I read the whole series and loved it. I love Peter Pan and fairies. I like how the four girls could visit Neverland anytime they wanted.

When The Storm Comes
by Linda Ashman

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The wind was blowing and it was raining. They had to clean up because their stuff was everywhere. I liked this book.

Peppa Pig and the Camping Trip
by N/A

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I liked this book. My favorite part was when they got to sleep outside and watch shooting stars in the sky.

Dont Call Me Fuzzybutt
by Robin Newman

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This book was about The bear not being able to go to sleep. woodpecker woke bear up by pecking on the trees. They called each other names.

Arnie The Donut
by Laurie Keller

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I like doughnuts with sprinkles. They are on the beach. The doughnut talked on the phone. This book was funny.

Who Pooped in the Park?
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This story was so funny because it talks about poop. I think other kids will like it because they talk about poop and its funny.

Eat Your Peas
by Kes Gray and Nick Sharratt

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I don't like peas either. I like pudding too though. The girl was getting a little mad that her mom wanted her to eat peas.

When A Dragon Moves In
by Jodi Moore

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It's a dragon in the castle! Roar! I want to play in the sand. They blow bubbles. Cook marchmelwoahs.

I Can Find It: The Rainy Days
by Kim Anderson

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In the book, it was a rainy day. He spends the day with grandpa. I liked looking for things but I loved looking for grandpa's car. All my friends should read this.

Junie B Jones Graduation Girl
by Barbara Park Books

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Junie B Jones is always doing what she is not to do. She got her graduation gown and marked dots on it. Everyone else did too so they looked alike at her program. How nice of them.

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